Water-based film inks: Advanced Formulation

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The packaging market strongly calls for water-based inks now that they have improved. If you still face difficulties to match solvent-based performance (ex: film adhesion, drying speed, printability, foaming, resolubility), join this advanced formulation course and:

1. Raise your waterborne ink performance to solvent-based level by reviewing key success factors: substrate treatment, the role of each raw material, the tweaking logic

2. Easily meet in practice specific needs & end uses with guidance for wax or coalescing solvent substitution, pigment replacement.

3. Keep up with emerging materials which ease formulation of WB flexo, OPV varnish, and gravure inks for plastic substrates

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Terence Kenneth is the founder of Ink Intelligence, an independent consulting firm dedicated to the development of printing ink technology around the world. He began working in the printing ink industry in 1984 in the U.K. and has since held the positions of Technical Manager and Technical Director for a number of international corporations, including Manders, Johnson & Bloy, Kromacorp, Eckart America, Pemla International, Rieger Printing inks and Polytex Environmental Inks.

Terence is currently developing ink formulations and printing solutions for clients in the U.S.A, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and China.

Terence Kenneth

President, Ink Intelligence

Terence Kenneth
President of Ink Intelligence and seasoned Ink Specialist. Hands-on experience creating ink formulations for ink manufacturers and printers for over 30 years. Terence loves to travel, spend time with his family and of course to make world-class ink formulations.
Bio-based raw materials for ink formulation cheat sheet

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Solvent vs Water Based Inks Infographic

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