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“Our purpose is to develop new technologies for our clients and to save them time and money. With almost 40 years in the business, we have developed critical steps in the process of formulation development.”

Terence Kenneth

CEO, Ink Specialist - Ink Intelligence LLC

Ink Formulation Articles

10 Signs of a Bad Ink Technician

The ink industry is very competitive and is evolving quickly. As an Ink Manufacturer or Printer you need to make sure you stay competitive by working with great Ink Technicians.  But how do you know who is great and who's not?  How do you know if you are working with...

What type of ink formulation are you looking for?

Coatings formulation


  • Conductive transparent coatings using PEDOT:PSS
  • Dielectric coatings for medical, RFID and automotive
  • Can Coatings (solvent & water)
  • Soft touch coatings
Security ink formulation

Security inks

  • Intaglio
  • Fugitive inks
Printed electronics ink formulation

Printed electronics

  • Nano-technology
  • Polymer thick film (PTF)
  • Silver/silver chloride inks
  • Carbon inks for RFID
Wide format ink formulation

Wide format inks

  • Eco-solvent inks for Wide format printers
  • Latex inks for Wide format printers
Packaging inks formulation

Packaging inks

  • Flexographic
  • Gravure
  • Screen
Water based ink formulation

Water based inks

  • Water and solvent based inks for labels
  • Water based inks for decorative papers and wallpaper, flexible packaging substrates, folding cartons, pre-printed liner boards, printing cotton, Tobacco inks
  • Water based PVC inks
Formulation of other speciality inks

Other inks

  • Cold seal inks
  • Dye sublimation inks
  • High strength pigment dispersions
  • Inks for shrink films
  • Metallic and effect pigment inks
  • Nano silver inks
  • PTF silver inks for displays, RFID, membrane switches
  • Solvent based lamination inks, labels & flexible film inks
  • Textured inks


Ink Intelligence LLC 2200 N. Commerce Parkway, Suite 200, WESTON, Florida, 33326 USA

Stop guessing. Save time in the lab.

How many variations will you try before you find the right formulation?  Competition has increased at every level of the ink formulation life cycle (raw material sourcing, formulation manufacturing, marketing, distribution).  Are you innovating as quickly as you can?

“The team at Ink Intelligence has comprehensive knowledge of printing and printing ink applications, with a specific aptitude for speciality applications. They always contribute fully with insightful recommendations as well as motivating the group with positive and cooperative approaches.” Guy Fleury

Printing Ink Specialist, Ultra Inks Inc.

Procure the best ink technologies

How do you create quality ink formulations?  The right expertise, the right process, and the right technology.  Your team may have the know-how and the process, but without the right technologies, you will be one step behind the market. Do you have the right tools?

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As see on and SpecialChem

My name is Terence Kenneth and I began my career in the ink industry in 1984 as a Chemist, in a small town in the south of England.

Over the last 38 years, I’ve worked hard testing different raw materials, processes and technologies to create the right formulations for industry leaders such as: Eckart, Kromacorp, Pemla, Rieger, Polytex Environmental.

Today, we work with clients in England, France, Italy, U.S.A., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, China, India and Pakistan.  Together we create customized ink formulations that enable our clients to dramatically grow their portfolio.

After years of experience, I’ve developed a blueprint for how to successfully create high quality ink formulations.  This blueprint has worked for small, medium and large ink manufacturers and printers, to generate tens of thousands of dollars in new business from a single consultation with us.

When we work together, we will (1) discuss your plans and goals, (2) analyze your current raw materials/technology/market/objectives, and (3) create a customized ink formulation that best suits your needs and helps you reach your business goals.

So, are we the right company for you?  Well… If you are the Owner, President, Chemical Director or simply the person responsible for developing new ink formulations in your organization, then yes we are.

And I can assure you this:

  • If you need a new ink formulation to enter a new market, or improve your position in your existing market…
  • if you do not have the budget to run hundreds of tests without certainty of success…
  • And especially if you need results in days instead of weeks or months…

…then you are in the right place, and this is for you.

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Every day, we help companies around the world grow their business through the art and science of ink formulation.  Discover how we can help you succeed.

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